faqs about the shop

is all the art in your products hand-drawn?

yes, I use my own hand-drawn art + illustrated designs in all of my products.

are all your products digital downloads only?

yes, at this time our products are sold exclusively as digital downloads only.

will you ever offer physical products again?

I do plan on bringing physical products back to the shop in the future, but at this time i'm not sure when that will be.

why did you stop selling physical products?

due to covid & a delayed military pcs (permanent change of station) I temporarily lost my office space so I no longer have the space for my machines + inventory.

do you offer any freebies when i make a purchase?

yes, we do include.a freebie with every purchase which changes every month. Some events and sales will include exclusive freebies for a limited time. you can find our current freebies on our "shop news' page.

does your shop have a pr team?

if we currently have an active pr team you can find all the team info listed on the 'about us' page.

faqs about our products

what files will I get with my download?

the files included will vary depending on the product style. however all listings will include a png, a pdf file, and our "product tips & terms of use doc", but stickers & other stationery listing will also include a "cut ready" studio file for silhouette users.

please read product description to confirm which files will be included with each listing.

how do I use my digital files?

there are multiple ways to use our digital products. but we recommend having at least a printer for our products if you want to hand-cut items. however, most customers have either a cricut or silhouette cutting machine, which we have formatted our products for easy use in both machine brands.

I downloaded my order, but I can't open my files or print them?

please make sure that you have unzipped or extracted the files from the .zip folder that contains the files before uploading/using them in your program / software.

the files will not open in the formatted programs until they have been extracted

how do I open a .zip file?

you will need an extraction program to unzip compressed files (usually comes preinstalled on most computers). There are lots of programs available for this, I recommend WinZip (for pc babes) and Stuffit Expander (for Mac Babes)

my download says its empty, damaged, or corrupt?

your product probably didn't download properly. Delete the .zip file from your computer (and empty recycling bin as well), we recommend clearing your internet cache as well and then retry downloading + extracting files again. 

if you run into the same problem again please contact me 

how do i access my downloads?

your download links should be almost immediately available to you after your payment has been processed. You should automatically be redirected after finishing checkout to a confirmation page that will display the links to download your files. 

the download links will also be sent to the email you used at checkout where you can access them anytime in the future, but we also include our "product Tips & terms of use" document which each listing that contains a clickable link to your files right on your computer.

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